The Citizenship Programme was established by Foróige in 1969. Youth civic engagement or citizenship refers to young people taking action to make their communities, schools or society a better place, by volunteering to do socially valuable work. Promoting active citizenship among young people has the benefit of both improving communities and promoting the social, psychological and intellectual growth of the young person. The core model underpinning the programme is one of ‘awareness, action, evaluation’ whereby young people undertake a three phased approach to identifying and responding to a community or social issue.


Celbridge Youth Café

Celbridge Youth Café took part in the Citizenship Programme for the first time in 2018. Young people identified a way to improve their community and make it a more inclusive space for a young boy with autism. The young people involved with project worked hard on planning and organising a sponsored walk and entered the Aldi Foróige Youth Citizenship Awards.

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